For  Registered businesses  involved in this arts industry or giftware.
Complete details at bottom of this page to apply & when cleared a password
for access is allocated
Please order via website
& supply cr card or payment details at this time..of ordering Thanks
PAYMENT for all Wholesale is by VISA  or MASTERCARD.
Payments are not processed online, at time of ordering BUT are Processed before I begin to start painting your order.   
Painting  takes between 2 ? 7 WORKING DAYS  to complete, depending on order size & what is in the pipeline.


There is only a $10.00 order limit


Postage is charged after the order is placed depending which country & size of parcel

Customs conditions vary from country to country we have no control over that

what customs limits are.
Please be mindful when placing your order of the customs limits in your country

It is not legal for me to alter the customs forms to avoid duty in another country.


To ensure that wood pieces are not broken & this is inadvertently reflected
back to my trading name, please ensure the wood pieces are boxed... not
bagged unless very heavy cardboard encloses the wood. Customers will understand when explained  and  it is nicer to receive an unbroken piece.



Wholesale access requires a password to be set up by me, then you can access & order on line

The designs will change from year to year...
Some will be reintroduced as a season changes
The copyright is held by me...of all current & retired designs...


igns are by Barbara Smith & hold Australian & International copyright.

Each design is hand painted by me.



Our wholesale area is only available to registered wholesale vendors. Would you like to wholesale our products? Apply to become a vendor and we will send you information shortly if you are approved.

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