AVAILABLE WITH CONDITIONS to the amounts I have on website at one time and ordering needs to be done on the retail website and I adjust once the order arrives with your payment. I still do not charge the credit card until I pull all the stock.
My website is designed like this as in past many many yrs I would be painting backed up orders and 2 weeks before I could complete and send yours and i always felt it unfair to take ones money and bank it before the goods were ready to go in post.
I traditionally painted to order with stock piled up in waiting as I also was required to hold stock for designers who incorporated my buttons in their designs.
Covid arrived and the future was extremely uncertain for buttons and Christmas and all of us!.
I made decisions then to stop wholesale and reconsider. So I reduced my overheads of stock storage to accommodate designers for when a store needed these to add to the designer's patterns.
International designers usually order in 100's and the button or decoration wa spart of the pattern.
But to be fair I was very tired of not knowing what was coming in or not and there sat Santas, Flowers, ladies in waiting to paint on demand. One day I could be painting 100's of the same button that I did not really like anymore ..it also prevents one from designing more and removing older designs from sale.
I am still flexible to paint extras if they are in stock. My buttons are unique and detailed, and many to chose from. 
Also I can order in more of an item with a deposit to assure my stock is controlled and I am not left with stock surplus. Basically be serious .
Order in and message me on order or separate email if you would like say extra Christmas decorations or 10 cats etc....
I have been working in this industry since 1996.
I hope this gives you some background to the way I operate.
One of my best delightful clients takes a batch of often most often mixed cats, flowers maybe some mixed carded sets , single button stories to a $ value in total.
These now go to many Quilt shows and are very good sellers amongst her own designs and fabric ....
So sometimes having one of a certain style is enough and there are loads to chose from... giving customers that uniqueness and must buy now.
I adore the electric mix of items when I go into a store and this is kind of how my work reflects that.
Including orders in wholesale prices $100 or more are POST FREE global
Please email me for details