Who is Theodora



Theodora Cleave .. .
Hello ! 
I am Barb Smith,  the designer of the  Theodora Cleave label
a reflection of my inspirational spirit. 
A Small & intimate business , it is the individual way I love to meet my customers ....
In this internationally successful business, you deal directly with the creator  of the wood buttons, brooches ,decorations, stitchery designs...etc !
show etc....
There were times I also did paint fabric lessons from 2 of my  stitchery books under the trade name of Woodcutter's Daughter .
as well as stitcheries & quilts, cloth dolls & santas  
I have published 4 stitchery books in the past under my old trading name of Woodcutter's Daughter & 3 booklets for stitching under Theodora Cleave
Buttons in projects appear in French magazines &  Australian publications also
In a recently ( 2018)  released book in a quilt publication by Quilt Mania is a beautiful thank you for my mentoring conversations with Lisa of Max & Lousie Pattern Company
 In early 2019, Ulrike Blotzhelm of UB Stick Designs in Germany released a magnificent cross stitch book  called
Willkommen im club using my lady designs I have produced as simple stitcheries over the years & now...something very beautiful
I have integrity in originality
hope it is always respected for that by everyone