I am Barbara Smith 
 Founder and Designer
:Theodora Cleave   
: Woodcutter's Daughter...
I was a woodcutter's daughter and my grandmother was Theodora Cleave . 
I have a creative authentic & inspirational spirit, it is reflected in both labels which all began in 1996.
My passion is illustrating & painting.
I use both techniques in designing & painting.
: Buttons 
: Christmas decorations
: Brooches to wear
:Fabric painted pieces
:Painted pieces on watercolour textured papers
I illustrate designs for stitching, applique,felt use or also painting on fabric etc.
I also license my copyright work
In my portfolio I have created
 :stitching illustrated layouts,
:self published stitching
and button story books & booklets
:paintings on watercolour paper
:cloth dolls and Santas
: Many many buttons
which include a huge Christmas range.
:Lots of Christmas Decorations 
: supplied designers using my designed buttons in their creative works. Now ceased this part of my work.
.Sara Guermani (Italy).Marg Low Designs Australia.Born to Quilt France. Germany Cross stitch designer. Natalie Bird
My Bliss
is drawing or illustrating...and Christmas 
I begin & wander into the worlds of gardens, farmyards at times, people, animals, birds and most abundant is Christmas.
  Many of these works and stories have been profiled in Australian and French magazines.
  I did wholesale my work in many stores for many years  in Australia & around the world..France, Germany, USA, NZ, Italy, Spain 
I have ceased wholesaling today.
My creations have gone where I have not ever been...when I used, international and Australian distributors.
Nowadays I solely distribute my work.
Designers in Australia, France & Germany have created designs around a button or decoration or have purchased design rights and converted into a cross stitching book and patterns.
Also I have worked in collaboration with French designer for French magazines projects.
I have enjoyed exhibiting in Craft & Quilt shows in
Sydney & Melbourne.
Other designers and shops have carried my work to many events.
The years seem to fly by and opportunities arise and it is wonderful to have been working with many talented people most of all Mrs Green my machinist for nigh on 20 years.
This sees a change as Laraine retires
 I take up with another machinist.
As well as the wood items I am wanting to expand my fabric painting, illustrating and watercolour textured painting creations. 
I love to create, my thinking has always been problem solving ideas, whether as a child playing in the garden, or listening to the stories our father weaved for us children when small. To the internal auditing within the public all has "what if" or "I wonder ? " 
I am Barb Smith 
creator of Theodora Cleave and Woodcutter's Daughter