Who is Theodora



I am Barbara Smith  the Founder and Designer of Theodora Cleave   
Previously I was the Founder & Designer  of Woodcutter's Daughter...
I  reflect my authenticity & inspirational spirit, in the businesses I am Founder and Designer of in the labels Theodora Cleave & previously Woodcutter's Daughter 
The business and design started in 1996.
I love it's petite and intimate nature that I created right at the beginning, where I have always enjoyed  the moments I "work" in the business.
 ...everyone I deal with has a special voice to me..
I  love creating using my designs in buttons, decorations for Christmas & brooches to wear.
My Bliss
is drawing or illustrating...
I begin & wander into the worlds of gardens, farmyards at times, ladies, animals, birds and most abundant is Christmas.
  The illustrations become 
buttons, decorations, brooches, stitcheries, even a quilt or 2 as well as self published booklets .
I "write" stories....with my many mediums, wood, fabric etc.
My works and stories have been profiled in Australian and French magazines.
Tutoring is a treasure to me to taking people on the creative & freeing  process.
My work was in many in stores & also with designers who used my buttons through the wholesale part of my business in :
France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, England, Ireland, America, Spain, Moscow, The Netherlands & Australia.
I ( recently ceased the wholesale  part of my operations ) .
My work has been shown where I have not ever been...with distributors and designers in Australia, Houston, France
As well as eventing  myself in Sydney & Melbourne .
Designers used the buttons & decorations to enhance their works...& I have been pleased to see so many creations both here in Australia & Internationally.
Currently a cross stitch designer in Europe has converted some of my illustrated stitchery designs into a amazing cross stitch book !! 
This all began with a Journey with The Woodcutter's Daughter as I wrote my newsletters....a journey that has taken me along many pathways...
I love to write & connect so come on join the newsletter or read my blogs....or check out instagram & pinterest
My Best Wishes to all who have come by to read my story... Barbara