coming again soonish!!!
The Illustrated Stitchery Designs are just that, the black pen illustrations I do for stitching. Without any colour picture guides.
A sheet of suggestions for thread colours and stitches to use.
Sizes are about wide x 20cm  drawn on A5 size paper.
Brilliant for some mixing of mediums stitchery, felt or fabric applique, oe fabric paint the entire scene..
Work them into single projects or add perhaps 3 along a garden apron,
quilts, stockings and also taking small pieces of a design where this can happen & making mini pillows or needle keepers etc.
They are priced for my design skill & with limited packaging as not to clutter the world as much...
Barb xxx 
Stitcheries are great to make a quilt, cushions, journal cover, framed, wall hangings & shrink to put on smaller pin cushions, needlekeeps & etc