Illustrated Stitchery Designs .
Button and wood designs merge with exactly the same sketch as my embroidery / paint/ felt designs (these designs are versatile) pencil takes the images I hold within my soul and ...
The embroidery designs I begin
with the sketch on acrylic paper, ink the outlines with a permanent waterproof pen, set up my paints and brushes that creates a magic.
I love the ease to paint on fabric, combine with some stitches...or begin with felt and add the change where the design needs more embroidery emphasis..
This leaves you to have creative pleasure in trying some of the designs with coloured watercolour pencils, gorgeous colouring in pens ..fabric applique or needle turn, felt.... or stitch using some different embroidery stitches like the long stitch that fills a small Christmas tree etc...
There is no secret that I adore linen, but the weave can be a bit bumpy for tracing.....but finer fabrics are beautiful also.
Where you weave your embroidery it a cushion surrounded by a brightly coloured palette of fabric or something subtle to give the needlework it's power.
Christmas brings much happiness to my work with stockings big or small, gift bags and all creative items like bon bons for the table or gifts to even send to family as the pandemic separates us... 
The embroidery designs are great to use in making up a quilt, cushions, journal cover, framed, wall hangings & shrink to put on smaller pin cushions, needlekeeps & Christmas