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 Barb Smith,
the creator & producer of Christmas Decorations
Buttons of Christmas & everyday topics
Each is hand painted by Barb under the Theodora Cleave label
before that
under the Woodcutter's Daughter label.
For 21 years Barb has thrived on her 3 strong passions that drive her desire to create .
in her niave way, based on reality..
to use in her Painted wood buttons & decoration & brooch designs..
as well as for stitching, fabric applique, Felt applications, fabric painting.
It's colour !!!
Christmas Decorating 
It brings hope..Santa is coming is cheery... & we all love that feeling in our lives....
Then there is a French style Barb interprets from her own way of what French style means for her... from her 4th yr school lavenders to the stylish ladies she creates for buttons & brooches & her stitchings tell that story too
Cats, a few dogs, animals all tell a the story of Barb..
that is what creators do......
Love what you do....!
Business Hrs 9 to 5pm EST Australia
Retail and Wholesale ( conditions do apply ) Purchases are available internationally & in Australia