Deers ...2 designs both small gorgeous deers that will be on show today 23/5/17
as will
the new small sized snowman & he looks the best !!! 
The work of designer & hand painter
Barb Smith
celebrating 20 years in this design industry.
~ ~ ~
Barb loves to have that personal unique touch on each item she has
designed ...
If you buy just one little button from Theodora Cleave you know that the original designer has painted it...which is a very special unique experience in our busy world today
Barb begins her work with illustrations that are translated into
unique designed hand painted buttons, decorations, brooches, tags, thread winders & thread holders etc etc
At times the illustrations become stitching designs, and appliques
  Many of the button designs are incorporated into small stitching patterns which are aptly names Button Stories or Button Samplers..these are left mostly for you to decided which project the story is worlked into.
There are times the Button stories are equiped with a simple template for you to sew onto...
~ ~ ~
Barb has an amazing dedicated Australian machinist who works to bring the blank buttons & decorations etc to her via the Australian Express postal system.
Barb also works with some other very special designers as they incorporate her button & decoration designs  into their designs
Marg Low Designs,   Anni Downes,  Designs by Fee, Sara Guermani
All of Barbara's  designs are copyright internationally as well as Australia from where they are created from her life's journeys
PHONE  Australia 03 54479484
INTERNATIONAL   61 354479484
Retail and Wholesale ( conditions do apply ) Purchases are available internationally & in Australia